Back in 2008 there was a false rumor that was started by popular internet websites that claimed rapper Lil Boosie dead. The fact is that this could not be further from the truth and it was very misleading when it was released. It seems as though whenever someone becomes popular, people invent fake stories in order to get people more news. People are naturally addicted to new information, which is why most people seek out to stay up to date with the latest news. The rumors about Boosie cannot be traced to one particular website because once they start, a bunch of sites publish the same information over and over again.

Many claim that the rumors about Lil Boosie dead from getting shot started on MySpace, but others are saying that it was various gossip sites around the net. Wherever it started, it is not true and is not something that should be spread any further. If you got a notification online about this story, do some research on your own and examine what you know to be factual information. Since he has released mixtapes as well as albums after the alleged “death” date and put out new music videos, you know that he is doing fine.

You may have heard about Lil Boosie shot at and this is allegedly true, but he comes from a very harsh street environment. People know that the south side of Baton Rouge, Louisiana has a lot of drug dealers and cold-blooded individuals. If you have taken the time to listen to Lil Boosie music, then you know what he speaks is the truth. He doesn’t tell lies or make up rumors; he tells people what they need to hear through his own personal self expression. He has been grinding hard on the scene for many years.

What would provoke someone to make up a lie with a headline like “Is Lil Boosie Dead?” Well most places just want their story to sound interesting and be new. But think about it from the perspective of an artist, would you want someone spreading false rumors about you? Not at all! Especially false rumors about your death – something that most people do not want to talk about. Do not get caught up in the falsified information that has been spread across the internet. There are new stories and rumors that are put out to people every day. People need to take more responsibility for the information that they digest and believe with certainty to be true.