Lil Boosie came out with the song “Baby Mama” on his Gangsta Musik album that featured Webbie as well. This particular song is all Boosie and he talks about real issues that he’s had to deal with as far as baby mamas are concerned. This song is for all of the fathers that do all they can to take care of their baby and their wife. The instrumental on this track is very hot and most people will really enjoy this track. Since both moms and dads can go through emotional rollercoasters, this is a great expression from the Bad Azz to help people understand the hardships and challenges come with difficult relationships.

You can almost hear the beat crying at the end and it gives it more of a complete emotional perspective. This track was meant for real people going through difficult situations and a lot of drama in order to help them make it through. Boosie brings up some very important points in this joint including baby mamas acting childlike and not actually taking care of their children. It can be very difficult for fathers to deal with mothers that act immaturely and that do not put forth a good effort into raising their son.

If you have listened to Boosie music, then you know he is grateful for having a mother figure in his life growing up since his dad died. Unfortunately a lot of kids these days have poor parenting or very young parents that do not try to be good role models for their children. When this happens it makes it very difficult on the child. As some fans of Lil Boosie have said, it is important to be a good father figure as well. Although there is not a song that addresses the fathers of kids, they are as equally responsible as a baby momma for being mature role models and good influences on their children.

Lil Boosie Baby Mama (Listen)

It can be very difficult when only one parent is pulling the majority of the weight in the family. If you are going through a tough time right now dealing with a baby mama, this song is perfect to play. A lot of people are also wondering, who is Lil Boosie baby mama? Well, he does have three kids, but he doesn’t want fans obsessed to the point that they need to know his family; you probably wouldn’t either.  Check out the song and see if you can relate to the realness that he portrays through his music.