A lot of people have heard the joint by Lil Boosie Beef With Me and really love the truth that he’s speaking on that record. It seems as though these days rappers want to start beef with everyone in order to gain hierarchy up the status level in the game. In truth, most beef isn’t even entertaining to most rap fans unless it is between two artists of similar caliber. A lot of artists don’t like to talk dirty about other artists because they want to get money together. Even more may be afraid of the beef on wax to lead to violence in the streets between two cliques. There was a lot of tension between artists like Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy, but now they are cool because an intermediary (DJ Drama) was able to help them realize that it was pointless for a couple of the hottest in Atlanta to be fighting.

When people think of Beef Wit Me by Lil Boosie, they automatically always assume that he is talking about other artists. In this track, he is basically saying that he dares another artist to start something with him because he is too real for them to even handle. Most people don’t want it with Torrence Hatch because he is too widely respected. Think about it, would you want to start drama with an artist that you look up to? Probably not; it just would not be a good look.

A lot of people are wondering, well isn’t there Lil Boosie beef with Plies? To be honest, unless you hear it coming from the words of the Bad Azz himself, there is no need to make up rumors or hype up something that has been dead for awhile. Right now, Boosie is in his own lane trying to make music and get money, he has said that he’s not really with the “competitive emcee” because he raps about real life and what he has personally experienced. He doesn’t rap about anyone else, so when someone attacks him verbally through lyrics, he handles his business and moves on.

More of a discussion was the alleged Lil Boosie beef with Lil Wayne. Many people like to compare two artists coming from the same state of Louisiana, despite the fact that they are from different cities (Wayne is from New Orleans and Boosie is from Baton Rouge); you can even check out the Lil Boosie vs. Lil Wayne fight (not actually “beef” more like a comparison) video that some guy made. If you think about it, beefing usually gets artists into legal troubles and they don’t really want that. Most artists are smart and keep focused on their own careers and don’t waste energy trying to fend off people that are taking lyrical jabs in attempt to damage or degrade their character.