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Chronological order of the Lil Boosie lyrics below:

1. Smoking On Purple Lyrics
2. Set It Off Lyrics
3. Loose As a Goose Lyrics
4. Zoom Lyrics
5. Wipe Me Down Lyrics

1. Lil Boosie Smoking On Purple Lyrics

(Boosie Talks)
Ease ya mind a lil bit (ease ya mind)
Light up that blunt (light up that mother fuckin’ blunt)
Lift back that sunroof (lift back yo shit nigga)

(Lil Boosie)
This that shit that we ride to
This that shit that we vibe to
This that shit that we get high to
That gangsta musik nigga
And you can try but you aint Lil’ Boosie nigga noo (noo)
Bad bitches got you feelin’ great
Looked at my CEO like CEO let’s get this cake, baby
I hit the stage and hoes go crazy, I play it mean
All my hoes got Jorthen skills, they fade away
I hit the mall and bought (shit) throwback after throwback
Everybody wanna take pictures they like, “Themn, you Mr. Cool.”
Smoke comin’ out my sun roof a nigga shinin
A nigga love gettin’ pussy, love rockin diamonds
If you got kids in this world, nigga, handle ya business
And you don’t need no nigga, be indepenthent
It’s murda murda, niggas beefin’ niggas slingin’ nines
And I keep that purple purple to ease my mind

Smokin’ on purple ease my mind
This that shit that we get high to… yeah
It’s murda murda murda gotta keep ya nine
This that shit that we ride to… yeah

I know the game I know the street
I got the raps you got the beats
And we gon lay it down real sweet
So y’all can ride, head bobbin side to side
I don’t want shit from my fans but this: feel a real nigga’s vibe
When you down and out, don’t nobody trust you
But when you got bread it seem like everybody love you
It’s still fucked up mayne in certain cases (believe this nigga, look)
they still racist, I can see it on them bitches’ faces
that’s why I’m smokin’ and laughin’ I got my grind on
And they don’t feel my struggle they think my mind gone
That’s why it’s murda, murda kill, kill on the corner
These lil’ niggas got big pistols ready to put it on ya
So, when you die you might as well be high
Is it heaven or hell or is it all a lie?
That’s why I smoke purple on Monthey, purple on Tuesthey
Two boxes cotton so they don’t bruise me

(Chorus 2x)

Smokin on that doja I done got a bag for cheap, nigga
Eyes barely open and I’m glued to the backseat
Boosie took another hit and then he passed it back to me
This shit must got something in it, niggas swithched some crack withh weed
Had to crack open the windows I can barely even breathe
Got me fumblin’ and trippin’ almost passed the blunt to Cee
Got it cloudy in the Bentley niggas sguintin tryin’ to see
And they don’t know what tI’me it is but I know it’s tI’me to eat
Ridin’ dirty bumpin, ridin’ dirty know how that shit be
One they your hear and the next they you goin on repeat
Withh that nine up in my reach right now dyin’ ain’t for me
Mayne this pine got me sleepy but I’m too high to go to sleep
Bust a hooty when you rollin’ potent as you s’posed to be
You be rollin’ and smokin’ ‘em back to back consistently
Keep movin’ blunts to phillies, zees, and shisha sweets
Yeah savage really don’t care just put that shit in the air

(Chorus 2x)

2. Lil Boosie Set It Off Lyrics

(Lil Boosie)
you wanna talk shit? you wanna run your mouth?
you want some gangsters front your motherfucking house?
We’ll set this bitch off, yeah set this bitch off
We’ll set this bitch off, set this bitch off
They call me Bad Azz, and I’ll punish you
You ain’t my egual, we ain’t people and I ain’t one of you
Since ’98 I grabbed my plate up off the lunch table
I told mama I’m thugging outside we don’t need cable
Now I’m the nipples on the titty, the motor called a “Hemi”
I’m the V-12 in that 760, your nigga’s bitches
We’re real niggas withh g-codes
We love to go in beast mode
We’re thugging, we all got bread so if we fall we’re the crutches
We’re the dodo in the dutchess
I’m the photo in the camera
I’m the pistol when it snap you
I got the sickest beemer, I got the sickest magnum, I got the sickest charger
Y’alls 30 mines 40
I told you nigga’s let me get me, for you get stretched in the street
This the they that you gonna be deceased for playing withh a beast
I told Turk take off my collar, I’m finna take it there
You niggas ain’t play at my projects, you all played at the fair
Trill Entertainment, that’s my thugs there, that’s love there
D.A. don’t search my house ’cause ain’t no motherfucking drugs there
We’re smart withh this shit, we got retarded withh this shit
Deuce-Deuce up in my shoe, I set if off up in this bitch nigga

Set it off in this motherfucker, set it off
My cligue all dogs bitch don’t make us set it off
Set it off in this motherfucker, set it off
You jumping like a frog we’ll put you on that wall
Set it off in this motherfucker, set it off
My cligue all dogs bitch don’t make us set it off

Man I be thuggin, I be fresh, I be super clean
With Gucci shades with some J’s you ain’t never seen
The race car jacket with about 80 fucking patches, withh the car to match it
Tony Stewart, it’s a classic
You all penny pinching nigga, we spending on you all niggas
Call savage from the back, come pour some Henny on these niggas, mane
You don’t wanna fuck withh me
I learned from the streets, yeah
I roll withh my heat, yeah
Never turn on my peeps ‘cuz I’m gutta
Came out my mama a hustler
Been through the rain and the pain, now I’m a dirty motherfucker
I’ll hurt a motherfucker, set it off in this bitch
You all niggas coughing in this bitch, we flossing in this bitch
And I walk real well, fuck going to jail
Come home and set it off and get you mail, nigga
I got a mind full of evil thoughts
So don’t get you people caught round my people house
‘Cause believe me I’m gone set it off bitch


Oh you bucked up and fucked up and you ain’t got no mind
Don’t even respect you elders no you ain’t respecting mine
But I’m gonna hit you withh that nine, put some sense in you nigga
Should’ve put something on yo ass when you was a lil nigga
Now that you wanna play withh the real niggas, well set it off
you scared to let it off, plus your theddy wasn’t no dog
you mama had more heart than you theddy bitch ass
you ain’t gonna set nothing off, that’s who made you soft
Bitch you wanna come in that south, where it get dumb in that drought
Where nigga’s wild out like O-dog and run in your house
And run in your mouth, it’s crucial
Watch what you say about Boosie
‘Cause Boosie tote oozie’s
It’s crucial, ain’t never had shit but I’ll fuck a bad bitch
Guicker that you can count to 6, 1-2-3-4-5-6 she hit
I don’t play, I lay laws, you’re my size I break jaws
I get disrespected at all, I set it off nigga

I set it off in this motherfucker,
Don’t make me let it off in this motherfucker
And you’re gonna respect a dog up in this motherfucker
‘Cause I’ll set it off

3. Lil Boosie Loose As a Goose Lyrics

Uhh ohh loose as a goose
I be loose as a goose
Loose as a goose
I be loose as a goose
Loose as a goose
I be loose as a goose
Loose as a goose
I be loose as a goose don’t get me started
Two shots of patron now I’m on in the party
I be loose as a goose
Don’t get me started
With a clique of thug niggas when I step off in the party
loose as a goose don’t get me started
Full of that liquor when I step off in the party
Loose as a goose don’t get me started
Gone of them jiggaz when I step up in the party
Knock knock knock knock
Don’t get me started
Cuz I’ll wild out n cock the glock 40′
Knock knock knock knock
Don’t get me started
Cuz it can get retarded, ya heard me retarded

(Lil Boosie)
Got a body bag
and a couple mask
I bust his ass den I pop another half
Comin through the club man I got my own swag
Don’t look wrong cuz I will get on yo ass
Goons on deck all my niggaz actin bad
Wipe me down um on bitch um boosie bad ass
That liquor got me trippin can I have your girl (please)
Can you give me head in the bathroom girl
Four car garage man um in my own world
Neck full of pieces
Bitch you gotta see me
Always good lookin
My mouth kinthe cruket
I be loose all in central bookin
Um Boosie bad azz…

I be loose as a goose, don’t get me started
Two shots of patron now I’m on in the party
I be loose as a goose
Don’t get me started
With a clique of thug niggas when I step off in the party loose as a goose, don’t get me started
Full of that liquor when I step up in the party
Loose as a goose don’t get me started
Gone of dem jiggaz when I step up in the party

Look I be loose and then a freak hoe
Then fuck and give ya deep throat
We in the club deep hoe
My tolerance is zero
When I be in the club you already know the dealio
V.I.P. be full of bad bitches like a video
And I’m standin where the doe at
We buyin all the moet
You better take ya hoe and leave if we ain’t got ya hoe yet
Um loose like a goose
With a deuce of that juice
It might slow yo ass down but to me it’s a boost
I’m a muthafuckin gangsta in the club where the g’s at?
and I ain’t talkin car when they ask you where the keys at
Make ya old lady put ha head where ha knees at
If you don’t break it off they find ya where the leaves at
Dolla dolla bill all a nigga really need
I knew how to count the money be for I knew how to read
Bet the choppa go, and knock a nigga arm out his sleeve
Cause when I get loose somebody child gon bleed


I say gone mama tata
That’s all good
Take a look up at the roof
It me telling somethin silly
Be down on that nigga
I really am a villain
Going back going back
I’m in the motherfucking gutter
Do what you do
Watch my sneakers
I spend good money
Step on it and I sneak ya
I am to pieces
Like I got the wiggles
Giving to Boosie everybody
You know know the jiggles
It’s sittin on my mouth
A couple in my hand
Going to take a ride to SI’mon
Gonna wear a bandana
Don’t think about it nigga
You ain’t got a chance
Last night I hit ya bitch up in a three point stance
I was up on stage tellin ‘he DJ run’
Got a couple real niggas
That keep on coming when I just blow the whistle
When my mind, when my mind yeah
I think this is getting old
In the club like it should be
Getting my head chopped off


4. Lil Boosie Zoom Lyrics

Lil Boosie bad azz,
Yung Joc we got a hit lets go baby


Everybody like
Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom
Zoom, They on them dubs like zoom
Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom

(Lil Boosie)

I’m Boosie Bad Ass, and i’ll zoom right by you
760 parna Crispy Cream on the tire, smoke that fire
purple cush by the pound, ask my dog Webbie
this is how it goes down, from my hood to yo hood
man we making money, in the club we poppin bottles
the room we hitting models, rollin through the bottom
all the kids holla Boosie, this life a nigga livin
like I’m staring in a movie, fresh out the Jacuzzi
a little powder on my chest, got thirty on my neck
turkey mell just cut the check, now I’m zoomin in my Charger
on them 24′s, got a thing about Big Head and PI’mp
so slow ya roll, ice cold from my neck to my wrist
we gettin paid, on my feet I got them J’s
play with me I got them thangs, red Gucci shades
me and Joc gettin paid, now the whole United States
takin pictures all day


With a fresh pair of J’s
I hit the club stuttin
With a Fresh pair of shades
Makin that money
Everybody gettin paid
And everything lovely
And I’m doing my thing
My thing
My thing

Everybody like
Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom
Zoom, We on them dubs like zoom
Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom
We walk off in the club like

(Yung Joc)
They see the way I hustle
They think I’m Rick Ross
Just as soon as I fuck em
tell the hoes to get lost
a lot of niggas mad
and y’all pissed off
If a nigga think he bad
tell hI’m Jump like Kris Kross
I pop a couple tags,
what the wrist cost?
Niggas see my splurge
And I bought a brick of soft
this my nigga Bossie
he tell you what it is
face card good
cuz the face card trill
if you got a problem
i suggest you head home
you in the red zone
leave ya head gone
don’t hit me on my chirp
that’s the fed phone
you talkin bout the work
nigga you dead wrong
best believe I keep them beamers
for them hoes sellin drugs
ain’t no hoes on team
like my clothes crispy clean
I like my dough Krispy Kreme
Six four on lean
That’s my nigga Mouse and Turtle
got that work for the fiends


(Lil Boosie)
I be zoomin in my drop top
mobbin through the city
fresh fade, fresh J’s
with two bad bitches
one named Sara
one named Tina
together they make weather like Katrina
they a fool shawty red she a ruff rider
she get on back on back of that motorbike
and all you see is back on that motorbike
I drive a fast car they call me Nascar
ya feel me, but I’m in love with that hemi
get retarded in Ferraris
I get loose in the coup
Paranoid like Pac so I keep that glock
when I Zoom Zoom, and after that let’s get a room room
(I’m VIP)
I need a Dime Piece, a fine freak
get on back, you can ride on the bike or in the ‘Lac
now we got everybody zoomin
the lil kids zoomin
look like you got a hit Boosie


5. Lil Boosie Wipe Me Down Lyrics (Remix)

Hey! Mr. wipe down in this bitch down ya heard me Foxx a million
This one be the remix!
Badazz, Savage life, Foxx-a-million
Man you already know what it is ya heard me
We still on, we still ridin on chrome, we still pullin up

I pull up at the club VIP gas tank on E but all drinks on me (wipe me down)
Fresh kicks fresh white tall tee fresh NFL hat fresh bauds with the crease (wipe me down)
Pussy niggas wanna hit me wit they heat, real recognize real real niggas gon speak (wipe me down)
Ching-a-Ling I been rollin bout a week you can tell i got cake by the diamonds in my teeth (wipe me down)
Black shades so you know a nigga rollin they ain’t check me at the door so ain’t no tellin what I’m holdin (wipe me down)
Bad bitches they gon bust it wide open niggas flashin they lil bread but I’m the nigga they approachin (wipe me down)
Small niggas tall figures y’all niggas crowd niggas we gon get mac elevens and maul niggas (wipe me down)
Y’all niggas call niggas but my niggas all killas get ya issue and whoever fall wit ya

Cuz I’m on (wipe me down) (8x)
Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes (4x)

(Lil Boosie)
B.O.O.S.I.E.B.A.D.A.Z.Z. that’s me (wipe me down)

Red bones caramel all of em stop and stare all of em try and steal my underwear (wipe me down)
I like to floss like Rick Ross got a hit called set it off when i sing it everybody set it off (wipe me down)
Black mink damn I’m on play wit me i bust ya dome 8 whips on chrome you can gon (wipe me down)
Fresh fade fresh j’s on the corner playin spades I’m an ordinary person but I’m paid (wipe me down)
Foxx flippin Webbie smokin and we chokin on a whole pound of purple famous lik tha ninja turtles (wipe me down)
Just left New York City hooked up wit P. Diddy finna blow past 50 you gon have (wipe me down)
We the best I’m a fool I’m the hemi man red light green light yellow light get it man


Hot drop drop top top drop hoes drop it like it’s hot yea nigga I’m the shit (wipe me down)
You see this ice on my wrist how it glistin soon as the light hit you can’t lie the ice sick (wipe me down)
Purple got me smellin funky red monkey 500 dollars on em you ain’t seen these yet (wipe me down)
Beatin you can hear me way around the corner paint wet wit the 24′s on em that’s bet (wipe me down)
Old lady’s baby momma’s few fiance’s niggas wife savage life who i’m gonna fuck next (wipe me down)
And I use the life style or the magnum or the trojan or go head and use the barrel of the tech (wipe me down)
Man this chain hit me for a couple grand oh no I ain’t complainin just watch how you wipe my chest (wipe me down)
A bad bitch wanted me to stay lil longer I put that dick up on her but I had a flight to catch (wipe me down)

Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes (8x)