Lil Boosie Mixtapes

Bad Azz Hurricane

In the summer (July) of 2009, Lil Boosie and Hurricane Chris teamed up to drop some real rap music on the masses. The name that they decided on for the mixtape was “Category 7: Bad Azz Hurricane.” The duo did not drop independent tracks, they demonstrated great chemistry by switching off verses on nearly every song. The beats are all original and they sound phenomenal in a good stereo system. Most people agree that songs like “Deebo” and “Gangsta Sh*t” are some of the hardest songs of the year – easily some of the best on the mixtape scene. Lil Boosie raps: “In Louisiana I’m like Hannah Montana, I’m famous, you know when to call me – when it get gangsta.” Other songs like Halle Berry (Remix), which was originally done by Hurricane Chris are included with verses from Boosie. This is a must-have tape for any fan of Louisiana hip hop and Boosie.

The Return of Mr. Wipe Me Down

This project was released in March 2009 and is considered to be one of the best Lil Boosie mixtapes of all time. He hooked up with The Runners for some production as well as V-12. Overall, the tape features a lot of bangers such as: “Take You Down” featuring T-Pain and “Long Journey” featuring Webbie. There are a few promotional joints for his latest album like “LEVIs” and “Loose As a Goose.” Songs like “Purple Drank” featuring Korleon and Gutta Twin, in addition to “Sunshine” featuring Webbie are able to give the tape that classic Bad Azz sound that fans are used to. This is a tape that you should certainly not be missing from your Boosie collection.

Streetz Iz Mine

In early December 2006, the mixtape “Streetz Iz Mine” was released by Lil Boosie and DJ Drama (Gangsta Grillz). It features 18 complete tracks of straight up fire from the Louisiana emcee. The entire Boosie mixtape is absolutely bananas, tracks like “Too Much,” followed by “U Down To Ride” get the tape off to a hot start. Torrence goes in over Young Jeezy’s “I Luv It” on the track “They Dykin.” The beat selection for this tape is perfect for the Bad Azz. What can be expected from this tape? It’s the same old dope street tracks from the Baton Rouge native. This tape has minimal guest appearances, namely from Webbie (on tracks like “Jealousy” and “Do The Rachett” – which is widely recognized as a street anthem in the south.

Lil Boosieana (Vol. 1 – 4)

For the Lil Boosieana series, he teamed up with the Trap A Holics and DJ Rell (widely recognized on the mixtape scene). He has so far put together 4 quality tapes that people need to get if they don’t have them. Most fans have agreed that they deserve a full 5 star rating out of 5 due to the fact that they are so solid and consistent. Songs like “Bitch Please” really stand out due to the fact that they feature crazy instrumentals, hard lyrics, and a ton of artistic energy from Boosie. Other tracks like “Keep It Off The Safety” he raps about the street life that he has been exposed to and people that have tried to take him down. He says “500,000 people screamin my name, now that’s a million eyes watchin my chain.”

Bad Azz Mixtape (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2)

The “Bad Azz Mixtape” is something that most Boosie fans agree is one of his best pieces of work. He has tracks on there like “Swerve 2,” “Platinum,” and “Supply Ya Man,” which are all piff tracks. On the song “U Got Respect” he talks about how he has earned respect in the rap game. On the following track called “Living Dat Life,” he talks about being from the Southside where the murder rate is high. This is one of his hardest mixtapes; bar none – if you don’t have it in your collection, then you are slacking off as a fan. The mixtape can be found at most online retailers, so do Boosie justice and support. It is commonly titled “Bad Ass” as opposed to “Bad Azz” and there are 2 volumes of music that you should check out. Tracks like “I’m Hot,” “I Miss U,” and one of the biggest bangers of all time entitled “I Know” can be found on Volume 2.

2 Of Streets Most Wanted

Lil Boosie and Webbie linked up for the project “2 of the Streets Most Wanted” with DJ 31 Degreez. This project is a 2-disc set and is definitely classic Lil Boosie from start to finish. It features blazing tracks like “Victim” produced by Savage, and “Can’t Never Give Up.” Are all of the songs on this project collaborations between Boosie and Webbie? No, in fact, there are plenty of solo joints from each artist. They do appear together on tracks like “Wipe Me Down,” “Bend Over,” “Swerve On Em,” “Show Ya Tattoos,” as well as the closing track “How We Ride.” The hit song by Webbie called “Independent” is featured on this mixtape as well. Other guests on this project include: Yung LA, Paul Wall, Lil Shine, Young Jeezy, Anthony Hamilton, Tony Yayo, Bun B, Yung Joc, and Foxx.

Rap Hustlin: Boosie Files

The Rap Hustlin: Boosie Files mixtape was something that DJ Rell put together with the Bad Azz for the people. This tape begins with the song “I Quit,” and transitions into the high-energy instrumental for the song “All F*cked Up.” Most Lil Boosie fans will agree that [like his other work] this goes super hard. He goes in over The Game’s “Start from Scratch” instrumental and kills it. This tape features well over 20 tracks and all of them are fire. The mixtape ends with the song “What About Me,” in which he talks about working with other rappers and artists that tell lies in the game.

The Hood Champ

Point blank, this tape features some of the hottest songs that Lil Boosie has ever released. The Hood champ mixtape features DJ Spinz and DJ Jay-O on the drops, and some badass verses from the bad azz. Arguably one of the hottest tracks to ever come out the south called “F*ck You” featuring B.o.B. and Yola is on this tape. Similarly, flaming joints like “Product of My Environment” and “Bust Em” are unbelievably good. Although this Lil Boosie mixtape does happen to contain some songs that were previously released on other projects, it is worth getting for all fans of his music. Webbie (a fellow Baton Rouge rapper) is featured on the track “Thuggin,” which most fans are already familiar with. Be sure to get this tape into your life and prepare for nothing but 100% real rhymes from Boosie.

Golden Child

For this mixtape, Lil Boosie worked with DJ Rell to feed the streets with some new music. The tape begins with a “Collect Call,” and is followed by the song “Undeniable Talent,” in which he addresses all of the haters that claim he isn’t talented. All the Lil Boosie fans know that he has a ton of talent as a rapper. He is arguably the single most consistent artist in the game – all of his tapes never fail to impress. Hot tracks on this project include: “Act A Donkey,” “Pain,” “Conspiracy,” and “What’s In Yo Hood.” The reason that so many people like Boosie is because he’s always true to the streets and real life experiences – he’s the realest artist in the game. Everything that he raps about he has seen and experienced; knowing this makes his tapes even more enjoyable to play.

Trill Azz Mixtape Vol. 1

The “Trill Azz Mixtape (Volume 1)” features both Lil Boosie and Webbie going in over some of the hottest instrumentals. The mixtape starts with Webbie (another Trill Entertainment member) going in over Lil Flip’s “Game Over” beat on the song “Who They Want.” Next is the song “Wanna Be A Gangsta,” in which Boosie asks “are you sure you wanna be a gangsta?” The format of this mixtape is: a song from Webbie, followed by a song from Boosie. One of the hardest joints on this entire tape is the song “I’m Ghost” – which features Torrence “Bad Azz” Hatch going in over the instrumental for “Ambitionz Az A Ridah” by Tupac. Other beats that are used on this tape include “I Got 5 On It” by Luniz; “Set It Off” by Juvenile; “Welcome To Atlanta” – which Boosie calls “Welcome To Da Boot;” and “What Happened To That Boy” by Birdman.


The project called “Entrapment” was presented by Tapemasters Inc. and features tons of crazy verses from Lil Boosie. In case you didn’t know, he had originally appeared on the “5 Star Bitch (Remix),” by Yo Gotti. He does not appear on the official version with Nicki Minaj, Trina, and Gucci Mane. This mixtape begins with the song “Night Life,” and has some highly dope features like Bun B on the track “Cake.” Standout tracks include: “Southside” featuring Hurricane Chris, “Let’s Get Ratchet,” “Who Can Love U” featuring Bobby Valentino, and “Better Believe It” featuring Young Jeezy and Webbie. If you don’t yet have this relatively new Lil Boosie mixtape on your iPod, it is definitely worth getting.

The King of Louisiana

DJ Fletch and Ticketmaster Tapes teamed up to release some promotional Lil Boosie for the masses through the mixtape “The Kind of Louisiana.” A lot of the tracks most fans have already heard, but it’s still a cool compilation of tracks. Various joints such as “Out Here Grindin,” “Check Out My Lean,” and “Feds On The Way” all are music for the streets. Other songs like “Ain’t Comin Home Tonight” and “That’s My Dog” are both really dope. “Super Clean” is a ridiculously good song featuring Nappyville. Overall, this tape is something that you will want so that you can have all of the Boosie you can on your playlists.

Life As A Savage

This mixtape was a project presented by Trap-A-Holics that features Lil Boosie and Webbie. One some of the tracks they collaborate, while others there are no features. This entire tape is definitely dope to have if you are a fan of Webbie and Boosie. They both are successful rappers that are from Louisiana. There are a couple of tracks that you may not have, entitled “Damn Right I’m Bout Mine,” and “How I Roll.” It would certainly be a smart idea to peep this mixtape, which is more like an album due to the fact that there are so many quality tracks.

Life Stories: The Collective

Without a doubt one of the best mixtapes ever to be released by Lil Boosie is called “Life Stories.” He did this one with DJ Scream and DJ J.O. It features classics such as: “Wipe Me Down (Remix),” “Smoking On Purple,” “I Know,” “Tatted Up (Remix),” “Zoom,” and “Swerve.” Although it is considered a collective, the entire project features over 30 songs, which is literally unheard of these days on the mixtape scene. If you are missing one of your favorite Boosie joints, you can probably find it somewhere on this tape. Take the time to give it a listen and keep your favorite jams on the playlist. Most people will be able to play this from start to finish without any skips – which is very rare nowadays.

Battle of the Bayou

The Battle of the Bayou was a mixtape that was put together by Trap A Holics. They teamed up Lil Boosie and Lil Wayne. The first half of the tape features tracks from Lil Wayne, while the second half features joints from Lil Boosie. Although the track isn’t on this tape, the joint “Louisianimal” is on Lil Wayne’s “The Drought Is Over Part 6” that was released by The Empire. If you are a fan of Weezy F Baby, this tape goes hard. Both artists do their thing and both grew up in Louisiana – Lil Wayne is from New Orleans, while Boosie is from Baton Rouge. Most rap fans that have heard this tape would like to hear collaborations between the two artists in the future.

The Southside Don Dada

For this project, Mixtape Mike teamed up with DJ Rell to present some flaming songs from the Baton Rouge, Louisiana emcee Lil Boosie. Which tracks can you expect to be hot on this project? They are all ill, and the preference on which songs that you enjoy is completely subjective, but most people will like “Mama Know Love,” “Knockin Pictures Off The Wall” featuring Lil Phat. Other features on the tape include: Foxx, Mouse, 4 Da Hood, and Fye Fye. Give it a listen if you haven’t and be sure to check online so that you can get yourself a copy (if you don’t already have one).

July 4th Mixtape (Untitled)

A mixtape without a title was released at Lil Boosie’s showing on July 4th. It had a ton of crazy tracks on it, most of which are brand new exclusives. Boosie always keeps coming through for his fans as long as they go out and support him as an artist. Tracks like “Goin Hard,” “Swag Ain’t Nobody Got,” and “Still Gangsta” are very authentic and original songs. Other bangers on this project include: “Get Ya Hustle On,” “Feel Like I Lose My Mind,” and “I Be Flyin.” If you are a diehard Lil Boosie Bad Azz fan, then you should not miss out on this tape. The project ends with the joint “Boys In Da Hood Always Be Hard” and let’s everybody know that Boosie’s going to keep doing his thing.

25th Hour Mixtape

This project was presented by The Cartel and Bad Ass Entertainment and features shout outs from DJ Folk and DJ Got Now. The tape was originally released in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana – but other versions have spread around the internet. The version that he dropped featured songs like “Be Careful” featuring Money Bag$, “I Did You Wrong” feat. Lil Quick, “I Been Icy,” “My Children,” and “I Ain’t Mad At Cha.” Other notable guest appearances include: Lil Jas, Hatch Boy, Yung Giga, Bad Azz Entertainment, as well as Lil Trill. There are some other mixtapes floating around the internet with similar titles, just remember whose was released first – Boosie’s.