Lil Boosie is an artist that is constantly coming out with new music. He is in the studio grinding each and every night making new music for his fans. He has dropped plenty of great mixtapes for his supporters and has a dope lineup of albums that everyone can buy. If you are looking for new Lil Boosie music in 2010, you can expect some tracks to drop. He has a lot of unreleased material and a lot of songs that he will be mastering and including on his upcoming album entitled “Free At Last,” which will likely not be released until he is free (he is currently serving a jail sentence).

What can you expect from the newest Lil Boosie tracks? Well, he always stays true to his roots, so you can expect more collaborations with southern rappers. One particular new Lil Boosie song that is unfinished is called “Miss Me f. Young Jeezy.” Most listeners can already tell that the song is going to be absolutely fire when it is finished. The final, mastered version has not come out yet, so you should expect to see it either on Jeezy’s album “Thug Motivation 103” and/or Boosie Bad Azz’s upcoming work.

You can also expect that Lil Boosie new album and new mixtapes to feature artists like Webbie, Hurricane Chris, Mouse, Foxx A Million, Big Poppa, Lil Trill and Lil Phat. As of now, his fans have his album “SuperBad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz” to listen to which features plenty of new songs by Lil Boosie. Hot tracks like “Top Notch,” “My Avenue,” “Better Believe It,” “Levis,” “Mind of a Maniac,” and “Loose As A Goose” are going to get crazy spins at the clubs in Louisiana and all across the south. He continues to hold the streets down by feeding them new music to play. His music is not only catchy, but it is motivating and inspirational to all people across the world.

Although he appeals heavily to the southern streets, the new Lil Boosie music is appealing to more people across the entire world. Songs like “Gin In My Cup,” “I’m A Dog,” “Crayola,” and “Bank Roll” are new tracks that many people can vibe with. Even though he may not be able to drop a new album until the end of his prison term of 2 years, the DJ’s and street family are going to keep his records spinning throughout the south. When he gets out, he will be putting out tons of new music, though word is that he will have an additional 5 years of probation.

Another new song by Lil Boosie is the “Better Believe It Remix” featuring Bun B, Yo Gotti, Trae, and Foxx A Million. All of the artists appearing on the remix are people that the Bad Azz has worked with in the past and made good music with. It’s always good to see these mega-remixes with artists showing each other love. Other artists that will always be showing Boosie love are DJ Khaled, Lil Scrappy, Big Unk, and Hurricane Chris. Even though there was a lot of new Boosie music released in 2009, the year 2010 should have more – be on the lookout.