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Lil Boosie – Look At Me Now (Big Head)

One of the best tracks that does not happen to be very well known by Lil Boosie unless you are a big fan is called “Look At Me Now.” This track features a guest appearance from the artist Big Head. The two go in over some production that is off the chain. A lot of people originally thought that this cut was going to make the Trill Family album, but it was scrapped from the track listing. In the first verse, you already know that Boosie goes in and goes hard. He talks about rocking shows and shocking the world by getting money and staying on the grind. As you already know, he talks about a lot about his life and what has transpired in the past; nothing but the realest music.

The chorus features both Lil Boosie and Big Head going in and speaking the truth. They talk about how when someone makes it to the top and gets money, a lot of their old friends get mad at their success and start to hate. They contrast it with the fact that when they were dead broke, nobody was mad at them and no one will continue to stay mad. You may be able to relate, especially if you came from nothing and made yourself into something. People that work hard and succeed sometimes get scrutinized for the fact that they put forth the effort to take their career and life to the next level.

Are you the type of person that gets jealous or envies another person when they make it? Anyways, this is something to think about if you haven’t already. The second verse in the track “Look At Me Now” is laid by Big Head and he talks about doing it real big and living a lifestyle that most people cannot handle; he is bragging about what he has done and what he has. Following his verse is the final verse from Lil Boosie where more of the truth is spoken. He talks about going from having nothing (bottle chains) to diamond rings.

Lil Boosie & Big Head – Look At Me Now (Listen)

He sums up what it means to go from having nothing to having everything that he wanted. If you have never had the opportunity to bump this track and don’t have it on a Lil Boosie mixtape, you can check out the video player above and see what you think. The song “Look At Me Now” is one of the illest tracks all the way through, it doesn’t get much realer than this stuff.

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Lil Boosie – I Quit

One of the realest tracks that Lil Boosie has made is called I Quit. If you ain’t up on this track, then you are missing out on a good story. He wrote this track and discusses how codeine messed up his liver in a major way. If you pay attention to the lyrics, the title “I quit” is making reference to the fact that he wants to give up some of his habits that have led to damage his physical body. Many substances are highly addicting and when you are living the fast life, many times the instant gratification of using is the only focus that you have.

He ended up on a hospital bed due to the fact that he was messing with certain types of drugs. In the song he talks about it being embarrassing and a very scary event to have survived. As you know if you have heard the song My Struggle, he has been through much more than the average person. Boosie has a lot of conditions like diabetes that can in fact be life threatening at certain points and very hard to manage.  That is just one example of a difficult thing that he has had to cope with for awhile now.

In the chorus, he clearly states “I Quit” to all of the people listening. He prayed for himself to the lord and was luckily able to make it through his hard times. In the final verse, he reflects on having children and a family that he has to be responsible for raising. It is tough when you are struggling with a lot of different problems and it seems like your life is spinning out of control. From the perspective of a famous artist, he talks about how he is constantly doing shows, yet his body feels weak – which puts a lot of mental and physical strain on him.

Lil Boosie I Quit (Listen)

Do you know what it is like to have experienced a life threatening situation from using drugs? Have you been through some situations that you thought were impossible to survive but you got through them anyways? If so, then you will be able to relate to this track more than the average person. Be sure to give it a listen in the music YouTube player above and see what you think. The lyrics are on point, and even though you may consider the song to be personal to him as an artist, it is well worth hearing.

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Lil Boosie In Studio vs. Big Poppa (Freestyle) [Video]

One video that has been floating around for awhile is footage of Lil Boosie in the studio with Big Poppa spitting a freestyle. They are both from Louisiana and they freestyle over the instrumental for “Do The Ratchet.” If you listen, you will pick up on the fact that it is straight off the top of the head and that he is hanging with his Lava House Records homies. Both artists really go in and don’t hold anything back. They talk about dealing, the haters, and most of the real life situations that they have had to deal with.

When artists take the time to kick a freestyle off the top of the dome, they are usually just having fun. Fortunately they go in over one of the hottest beats to ever be released in the hip hop game. This is an old freestyle session and has been out for awhile now, but it’s still some piff that should be checked out if you haven’t yet. You already know how they do out in Jigga City a.k.a. Baton Rouge Louisiana. Everyone likes partying and they keep it one hundred percent real in their rhymes.

Near the end of the footage, Big Poppa spits some more rhymes and talks about how he got into the game. He discusses the time that he started hittin some dro, started rapping, and having everybody in the club going crazy. It’s always good to get a perspective of the game and hear how other artists were able to get in the game. Lil Boosie and Big Poppa are cool with each other (they have been for awhile) and in case you didn’t already know, he is featured in the music video for the track “Gin In My Cup.”

Big Poppa and Lil Boosie Freestyle In The Studio

The work that Big Poppa and Lil Boosie have done together has been damn good. They have pretty good chemistry together. Anytime the Bad Azz hooks up with someone else that keeps it real, you know that the record or freestyle is going to be off the chain. In this case, they did a freestyle and they have done some other music related things together that you can check up on if you haven’t already. Be sure to give the above video a play through and check out more Lil Boosie freestyles if you liked it.

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